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About us

In Pepe Milan we are footwear artisans. A team of professionals passionate about their work.


More than 70 years ago that we are shoemakers. Since  back in the 40's our grandfather started in Almansa a business project in the world of footwear, based of effort and sacrifice but always with love and wisdom born MILÁN brand. In the 50s,  after three generations are their grandchildren who continue the family tradition by continuing with the same commitment and dedication to make a shoe of great quality and prestige, which of course also got our parents ( the second generation).

"Each and every one of our shoes are designed for our customers. The years of experience, satisfaction of our customers and our success pushes us forward. Always Pepe Milan, always the art of walking"
Throughout the years until today we have been changing and adapting to new times currently being consolidated and with prestige in the panorama of national and international footwear, having a good and experienced staff with great spirit of excellence, here we continue to improve the quality of our products and combining new technologies with more traditional methods of manufacturing and craft footwear manipulated.

Our shoes are in almost the world, today we manufacture all kinds of shoes, this is why we rarely do not do the needs of our customers. The rate of change of new markets and future projections show that to continue being a competitive company, there is only one way and it is to continue our commitment to providing the highest quality in our shoes.

We are dedicated to making shoes with high quality and prestige as it corroborates our city Almansa, cradle of high quality Spanish footwear. Our product is "Made in Spain" 100%  ,  empower design innovation and maximum comfort, thanks to our experience in this sector for over 70 years and the trust of our clients and friends.

Manufactured shoes

For some unique shoes, careful manufacturing,
millimeter and total dedication.